Welcome home, MacKenzie!

If you have followed my blog for very long, or known me for awhile, you’ll remember our dog, Scooter. He passed away (basically of old age) this past July and I wrote a blog post about that.

Well, on March 2 we adopted (e.g. rescued) a do from the local Elko, Nevada animal shelter and we have named him MacKenzie.


MacKenzie is a mixed breed terrier who seems to be a young adult. From his appearance, he seems to have quite a bit of Australian Terrier in him. He is a surprisingly well-adjusted and well-behaved dog (albeit with all the energy of youthfulness). He’s about 16 pounds, slightly larger than Scooter was. He loves to play fetch at the dog park, go on walks, ride in the car, and does a great job staying close to me when roaming around in the desert.

He apparently was found wandering in the desert area off of Interstate 80 out near the California Trail Center where I work, which is about 6 miles outside of Elko. The police found him and turned him in to the shelter. As soon as we saw his picture appear on the web page we called up and expressed interest. After about two weeks, no prior owner claimed him and he became ours.

Here’re just a few more pictures of him as a means of introduction.

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