Travel Plans

I wanted to let you all know of our upcoming travel plans. If you've been following my blog, you'll know that we set out from Colorado in early May and traveled through the eastern U.S. until late August. We've been hanging out in central Florida as Darlene heals from a leg infection. You can read [...]

Chronological Bible 33:The Babylonian Exile (Part 1)

This week we'll reflect on Jeremiah 27-28, 31, 37-38, 49-52, 2 Kings 24, 2 Chronicles 3, 36, and Ezekiel 1-16. I wrote last week about Jeremiah's prophecies of Judah's exile into Babylon and the unpopularity of that message. The book of Daniel and Ezekiel, in addition to parts of Jeremiah, contain additional prophesies and historical [...]