On the Road!

For those of you who don't follow me on Facebook, this is just a short update. I'll write more extensively about it later. After about 18 months of planning and preparation, we have finally done it. We are now full-time RVers living and traveling on the road! This computer desk does a great job doubling [...]


We just got a contract on our house! Even though it was only on the market for 26 days, we've been rather anxious about the sale moving forward in a timely manner. Thank you to everyone who supported us through prayer, and thank you most of all to God for sending us a buyer. Closing [...]

For Sale!

Yes, it's a snowy day in Colorado, but our house just went up for sale. Less than 16 hours after the initial posting, we have 2 showings scheduled! Here are the photos taken and presented by the realtor's photographer. Stay tuned for continued updates!

Almost done!

The realtor photographer just left. Our house will go on the market sometime next week. Here are the "non-professional" (e.g. cell phone) photos of the house as staged for the photographer. Of course, there's the garage and the room that we haven't gotten to yet. We'll work on that in advance of it going on [...]