Update 7/17/2018

Thanks to all of you for your prayers and well-wishes. Darlene was released from the hospital yesterday. Unfortunately, when we got home (to our RV), she was so weak, exhausted, and in pain that she couldn't climb into the motorhome. She got very little sleep during the hospital stay. We got a motel room (one [...]

Medical Update 7/15/2018

Much progress has been made. They've found a combination of antibiotics which seem to be combating the leg infection. The doctors are starting to tentatively utter the "D" word (discharge!). Perhaps tomorrow. She's still on IV antibiotics, but they're looking at switching to oral forms. All the prayers are much appreciated. Day #7.

Medical Update 7/13/2018

Short update today. Darlene has had a bit of a setback. Blood and GI are back to nearly normal, but her leg is not responding well to the antibiotics. Infection doesn't seem to be improving and her leg is very painful. A number of specialists are paying attention, though, and we're grateful to the staff at [...]