Update 7/23/2018

I’ve been quiet for the last week largely due to discouragement. Darlene was released from the hospital a week ago and has had a tough week. Her antibiotic runs out today and, while there may be some marginal improvement in her leg (from the cellulitis infection) it still looks pretty bad and she is still in a lot of pain and confined to the couch. We have a follow-up with the infectious disease specialist tomorrow. She (and I) are worried that she may be headed back into the hospital and possibly severe damage has been done to her leg. Please pray for peace for us, that Dr. Cohen will be able to find a solution, and that God will restore full use of her leg.

4 thoughts on “Update 7/23/2018

  1. Lifting you both up in prayer 🔥praying for healing in the mighty name of Jesus and that you have peace that surpasses all understanding and that God will guide the doctors to find a solution and Darlene will have her leg fully restored in Jesus name! ❤️Amen


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