For Sale!

Yes, it's a snowy day in Colorado, but our house just went up for sale. Less than 16 hours after the initial posting, we have 2 showings scheduled! Here are the photos taken and presented by the realtor's photographer. Stay tuned for continued updates!

Chronological Bible 7: The Tabernacle

This week's readings were Exodus 35-40, Numbers 7-9, and Leviticus 1-8. All of these passages involve the construction, setup, and proper use of the tabernacle, which was the "tent of meeting" that God ordained to represent his presence among the Israelites. Exodus finishes out with God providing Moses the description of the tabernacle and then [...]

Almost done!

The realtor photographer just left. Our house will go on the market sometime next week. Here are the "non-professional" (e.g. cell phone) photos of the house as staged for the photographer. Of course, there's the garage and the room that we haven't gotten to yet. We'll work on that in advance of it going on [...]