Sandy Ascent in Osino, NV

One of my recent endeavors for the California Trail Interpretive Center in Elko, NV was to begin working on a series of history-themed videos. My first project was in regard to one of the T-rail Markers placed by Trails West, Inc. Trails West has placed close to 700 of these markers across the western U.S. to mark sites along the westward expansion trails (California Trail, Oregon Trail, Pony Express, etc.). I’ve mapped nearly all of them in Google Earth, as shown below.

A typical T-rail marker, the one on which the video is based, is shown below. They usually have a quote engraved on a brass plate that is from one of the emigrant diaries regarding some feature or event associated with that particular spot along the California Trail.

The video is on the California Trail Interpretive Center YouTube channel. I hope you enjoy it!

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