The Framework is Coming Along!

Since this site launched 3 days ago, I’ve managed to build out a basic framework. The main site ( is (and will continue to be) the central organizing point of the whole package. I have also created shells, without much in the way of content yet, for the following. You’ll find links scattered around the perimeter of this page.

I may add a Products page and who knows what else at a later time. Expect it to be early 2018 before the whole package really begins to be filled with content.

Doing all this work, and getting a lot of “empty shells” set up without having them actually mean very much yet reminded me of the text I read this morning from Numbers 8-9 and Leviticus 1-3. These chapters are part of the texts describing the instructions for the work the Israelite priests (Levites) were to be doing. I can only imagine how overwhelmed they may have felt, as some modern-day readers do when reading these texts, with the amount of detail and mundaneness that they seem to involve. Yet it was absolutely necessary for the completion of the task to which God had called them.

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Note that there are at least two levels of detail that would have to be considered.

  1. The overarching “big story” of the tasks – The Old Testament sacrificial system, elements of the Tabernacle, laws on holiness, etc. were all designed by God to illuminate the big ideas of holiness, sanctification, judgement, mercy and redemption. It was important for the Levites to remember these broad themes even as they were in the midst of the fine details of the work.
  2. The exacting requirements of the details – God was very specific about the details because He intended the each element to remain true to its purpose and the picture it presented in the context of the larger story. God was displeased when the people who should have known better varied from the specifics of the plan and did their own thing (cf. Numbers 20:8-12 and Leviticus 10:1-3).

Hence my simultaneous launching of a full suite of online plans, while still cautioning that the details are still coming. I want to be sensitive to God’s leading in this venture and make sure I produce content that is honoring to Him, both in the broad scope and in the fine details. I ask your prayers as I continue this development. Also, please feel free to offer comments as I go!

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