Missing Luggage?

An interesting thing just happened to me. I am on a business trip heading home and was able to arrive at the airport extra early thinking I could catch an earlier flight. When the rental car van dropped me off, I was the last one off. I took the lone piece of luggage that was left. After all, it’s mine, right? I discovered within about 2 minutes that it was missing the name tag. Thinking it must have fallen off, I opened the bag to confirm that it’s mine. NOPE! It looks just like it though, but not my stuff!

So much for the earlier flight. I’m hanging around the airport for a while. There was an item in my bag which would lead an investigative type to this website. If you happen to find or have the bag and come to this site, please comment on this post. I’ll get the message and contact you for my luggage. Happy travels!

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