Update after a busy two weeks

We’re back home for a short while. Here’s what’s been accomplished in the last two weeks.

  • We have yet another contract on our house. Maybe 3rd time’s the charm? The buyers are a young family who seem genuinely happy to be getting a home. We close on May 31.
  • We flew to Orlando with Matthew and Jordan to help them get a start on their new life there. We found a furnished apartment and were able to rent it for the 2 months we’ll need to close our house sale and buy a home in Florida.
  • Matthew was able to get a job in guest services for a 5-star hotel on Walt Disney World property, which has been a dream of his for a very long time.
  • We were able to sell Matthew’s car in Colorado and then help them buy one in Florida.
  • We met with our realtor in Florida and Matthew and Jordan will be our feet and eyes on site during a house search.
  • We have returned to Denver to finish packing up the things in our house. We’re leaving them in the home until just before closing, then we’ll have movers pick everything up and ship it to the Florida house for Matthew and Jordan to use there (as our “tenants”).
  • Our hope now is to get on the road soon, heading initially for Virginia to see my brother. We plan to take a while (eleven days or so) getting there. map
  • After that, north toward New England and Canada is the plan right now.

2 thoughts on “Update after a busy two weeks

  1. Hi Steve, I’m so glad to hear you all have another contract on your home! I’m praying that the third time is a charm!

    So does your brother live in Roanoke? I was looking at the map of your trip. If so which church is he on staff? My kids are both at Liberty University in Lynchburg which is just an hour from Roanoke.


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