A Bump in the Road

This is just a quick update to let you know how things are going. I wrote a little over a week ago that our house had sold. Well, that was then. The buyer backed out of the deal last Thursday and we’ve been trying to regroup since then. Our house went back on the market yesterday afternoon so here we go again.

If you’ve been following our blog lately, you know that we just had a wedding in our family this past weekend. We’ve also had some out-of-town guests passing through because of that and we’ve had our motorhome in the driveway getting prepped for travel. These have all combined to make for a bit of hectic times for us. One slightly humorous thing that happened yesterday (all I can do is laugh at it…) is that our house as of yesterday morning was not on the market yet, so we decided to go see I Can Only Imagine in the theater. The house went on the market about the time we were getting ready to go, and we got notified of a showing just as we sat down in the theater. The showing was scheduled to occur during the movie!

I slipped out and spoke with our realtor and explained that people could come see the house, but he needed to warn them that we did not prepare it. We had wedding stuff still strung out, unmade beds, laundry on the floor, dirty dishes, a dog loose in the house, and a giant motorhome parked in the driveway. The motorhome nearly hides the house and forces visitors to walk across our yard to get to the door. Here’s a picture taken last summer to illustrate.

20170607_195845 (1)

We had evidence from lights and door positions that visitors came to see the house in that condition. Not the best situation for showing your house to potential buyers!

We need your prayers as we continue moving forward with our plans. Pray for a quick sale, financial resources to help us through the time waiting for our house to sell, helping our son and daughter-in-law get settled and started with their life together in Florida, packing our furniture and belongings for transport to Florida while still showing the house, and loading/prepping the motorhome for our journey around the country. We are still planning to hit the road in just a few weeks. If the house is not sold yet, I guess we’ll leave it empty and see what happens!

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