Remodel Progress Update

It’s been a while since I updated the status of our remodel. For those who are new to the blog, our plan is to begin full-time RV living and travel, but we have to sell our house first, which means we need to finish our remodeling efforts. The kitchen and two baths are in full swing. I’ll post before/after shots when they’re done. For now, here’s a look at our backyard – and there’s already been one trailer load of remodeling debris that’s been hauled away!


We have hardwood floors under all the carpeting in the house. Some I’ve already “revealed”, and some is still “hidden”. As the tiling is taking place, I’m removing sections of carpet in order to reveal the wood floor which will transition to the tiles. (Also, I can’t fit large quantities of carpet in my trash dumpsters, so it helps for me to do it in sections).

The carpet that’s on the stairs (see lower right photo above) is off now, and staples/nails are all pulled. It doesn’t look too bad so far.


Also, as I continue going through my crawl spaces, pretty interesting things keep turning up… like this dinosaur I built for one of my boys’ grade school birthday parties.


Well, there’s the latest update. I’ll post more as we have more to report!

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