October Social Media Posts for the California Trail Interpretive Center

During the off-season months (October through April) I typically write social media posts for Fridays only for the California Trail Interpretive Center. This season I've chosen to follow the Donner Party during their ordeal in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during the winter of 1846/1847. I'm calling the posts "Fridays with the Donner Party". Here are [...]

Daniel 1:1-7 – Living with integrity when a culture wants to cancel you (pt. 1)

I am currently reading a very good book by Pete Hegseth and David Goodwin called "Battle for the American Mind: Uprooting a Century of Miseducation." In it they talk about the great influence that socialistic, political, and anti-Christian "values" have had on the development of our education system since the late 1800s. They explore the [...]

September California Trail Social Media Posts: Week 4

September 22 – A 5-month virtual road trip along the California Trail Since September 15 we’ve been “virtually” exploring routes leading to California in the region around the Truckee River. Now we return to the other major river route – the Carson River. As weary travelers crossed the 40-mile desert toward the Carson River, they [...]

September California Trail Social Media Posts: Week 3

September 15 – A 5-month virtual road trip along the California Trail The first wagon route established over the Sierra Nevadas followed the Truckee River. After crossing the 40-mile desert, emigrants were thrilled to have reached water and shade trees. There is a wayside interpretive exhibit located in the westbound I-80 rest area just west [...]